Yellow Tie Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions 2013


Yellow Tie is an expedition group that consists of Harriet Williams, Mischa Macaskill, Sophie Allott, Kathryn Acey and Jackson Stephenson-Smith. Hayley Wrigley joined us on our qualifying expedition. Both of our expedition aims were ‘teamwork’- and this is how we worked towards it:

In our Qualifying Expedition, we planned our routes and filled out our route cards as a group- this informed everyone of what we were doing and prepared us for our Qualifying Expedition. We also devised a scheme to make evening meals as a group to help lessen the amount of food we had to carry and also to improve our teamwork. These helped us to distribute weight between our backpacks, e.g. one person carried the sauce, another carried pasta, etc. We also divided the tent and the trangia between us to create a better distribution of weight, and this meant that we were happy that we had an equal weight between us. We took turns map reading and if we were lost, we worked as a group using the map to help find the right path. At the end of our qualifying expedition, we created a group list of things to bring/amend on our final expedition- this reminded us of what we were lacking in our qualifying expedition to help us more in our final.

In our Final Expedition, we did similar things like making group evening meals and distributing the tent and trangia weight. Sadly, Hayley was unable to attend the final expedition due to e-mail, so teamwork became even more important than before. Our final was in a different area, so it was still important to navigate our route as a team, thus improving our communication skills with each other and getting us to each checkpoint. I think that within this expedition, teamwork played a more important element as we ha d lost a team member and we had to keep each other going and boost morale- we did this by doing group sing alongs across the moors, spotting wildlife, etc. to keep ourselves motivated and occupied. Overall, teamwork helped to keep us sane and also made our Silver Expeditions more of a joy than it may have been without it. We all loved our expeditions and from doing them we have learnt how to work much better as a team within Expeditions and also outside of our group in real life.

Here is our Video Presentation, filmed using a Flip video camera and put together using Windows Movie Maker.

Thank you very much,
Yellow Tie


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