Meeting during the walk to share our memories

On Sunday 1st August 2010 we will pass through Richmond on our Coast to Coast Walk.  We are try to organise for as many people as possible to come and join us in remember our friend Duncan Alexander and others who have lost their lives to these cancers.  This is particularly important to me as we have recently lost my Great Aunty Mary who had leukeamia and it would be great to see all friends and family to share happy memories of those loved ones we have lost.

We will meet at the Buck Inn at 11AM where we will stop for refreshment (a beer) and to talk to friends.  We will then continue our walk at 11.30 going via Easby along the Coast to Coast route to Ingleby Cross.  We hope you can join us for a drink or even join us for a walk.  This is a 33+ mile day and will be our 5th marathon plus day in a row so your support or even laughter as we limp away from Buck would be gratefully received.

You can signify your intent on Facebook on our special event page for this day.

Hope to see you there!

Mick Fenwick

Mountain Leader, D of E Co-Ordinator, Deputy Headteacher

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