Hadrian’s Wall Walk: Day Three and a Half

Carlisle to Bowness on Solway (14 Miles)

After a painful night for Jeff we began the final day.  We woke early and had a good breakfast and departed the B&B with spirits high.  Leaving Carlisle you walk along the river Eden and return to the countryside.  The first stopping point is Beaumont after 6 miles.  Beware as the trail can be difficult to find as you leave here.  We ended up on a large loop that added three miles onto the days walking.  Follow the guide and keep checking the path.  If you wanted to see a wide variety of nature you may be disappointed on this stretch.  Cows seem to dominate this section but the scenery is still wonderful and as you reach Drumburgh you can begin to catch sight of the Scottish coast line across the estuary.  Drumburgh has a great place to stop which is signposted from the road and has toilets, drinks and an ice cream honesty bar.  Excellent.  As if that wasn’t enough a few miles down the road you reach the Hope & Anchor in Port Carlisle.  Open and  awesome!  With a mile and a half to go you may be tempted to push on through but after the previous days disappointment you make the most of the closing stages.

I still feel quite emotional when I think about the end of the walk as it feels pretty momentous.  After 3 ½ days we reached Bowness on Solway and the hut that signifies the end of the walk.  The Hadrian’s Wall Walk is amazing and there  is a lot you can take in if you want to extend the journey but I must say that although we weren’t on the history tour we still thoroughly enjoyed it and the challenge of completing that walk in such a short time was amazingly exhilarating.  So much so we both had a quick dip in the Solway Firth.  More mud than beach but I’d still recommend it.

Once you’ve finished the walk you get your certificate from the Kings Arms.  A warm welcome and a pig in the beer garden make an excellent finish to this walk.  Check out the video for day three and half to see.

 3 ½ days, Coast to Coast, The Hadrian’s Wall Walk.

Mick Fenwick and Richard Jefferson.

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