Hadrian’s Wall Introduction

Our Hadrian’s Wall Challenge

On Tuesday 4th August 2009 we began our walk across the country following the Hadrian’s Wall Walk.  Our aim was to complete the walk in 3 1/2 days.  When we walked into Bowness on Solway at lunch time on Friday 7th we had done just that.

Below are the links to each day of our journey along this long distance path.  Many people complete the path over the course of a week but if you are interested in taking on the challenge of this walk then the following provides a document of our experience.  The videos section also links you to our filming of the event and shows some of the highs and lows of the walk.  We’ve also included our photo gallery of the walk to help depict our journey.

Day One: Wallsend to East Wallhouses“The next 3 days were about to teach us this wasn’t a leisurely drinking holiday, far from it”
Day Two: East Wallhouses to Haltwhistle“The terrain is, well I was going to write undulating but this seems to not only underestimate the challenge but not do it justice, this section is literally unforgiving constant steep ascent followed by steep decent followed by steep accent, you get my drift!”
Day Three: Haltwhistle to Carlisle“If you haven’t watched the video I would recommend day three as the words on this page can’t adequately describe the sight of a man’s heart breaking on screen.”
Day Three and a Half: Carlisle to Bowness on Solway“I still feel quite emotional when I think about the end of the walk as it feels pretty momentous.  After 3 ½ days we reached Bowness on Solway and the hut that signifies the end of the walk.  The Hadrian’s Wall Walk is amazing and there is a lot you can take in if you want to extend the journey but I must say that although we weren’t on the history tour we still thoroughly enjoyed it and the challenge of completing that walk in such a short time was amazingly exhilarating.”

Hadrians Wall Walk Videos

Follow this link for the videos.

The abridged photo gallery of Hadrians Wall

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