Jeff and Mick’s Coast to Coast Day Six (Danby Wiske to Grosmont)

Day Four: Danby Wiske to Grosmont (41 Miles)

This was the day we did not need.  Originally this was a 30 mile day.  Mainly because instead of being knowledgable enough to have looked at the maps and worked out route cards ourselves we followed the guide book….which had a misprint on a 1 1/2 mile section which was actually 11 1/2.  So lesson learned we had to get our heads down.  We recognised the mistake early on and this didn’t help us mentally at all.  At Osmotherley we split with Jeff taking in the walk above Cod Beck and me taking the lower route via Carlton in Cleveland.  I contemplated jumping on a bus and when I eventually sorted my head out decided it would have been a complete waste of everything we’d achieved.  With a new found focus I powered up Carlton Bank and caught up with Jeff and Lordstones.  We then made a pact to get through the walk and just get our heads down.
Crosstheuk: Mickmotivation
All the day through I kept on thinking that despite the fact this hurt (in so many ways) I was lucky enough to be here and be able to do it. As My Aunty Mary had just passed away to the photo of her in my map cover gave me the additional push every time I felt a bit weak.  We were so please to get up onto the moors and found respite and water in the


Mick Fenwick

Mountain Leader, D of E Co-Ordinator, Deputy Headteacher

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