Duke of Edinburgh’s Award 2017

Welcome to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award 2017 Section

Over the next year you’ll be completing your award and we have a number of initial task for you to ensure you get the most up to date information for your D of E group.

Tasks to complete in school

Visit the D of E website and in particular check out the page that tells you about the sections of the D of E

Have a look at the list of D of E Programme Ideas

Check out the activities in each section of the award

D of E Sections Page

We’d like candidates to start off with 5 ideas for each section which have been added into your Showbie group.

As volunteering tends to be the section that people struggle most with we have linked some further ideas below.

I would encourage you to ask questions of each other to make this a more valuable process and we will be drawing out your discussions with more questions if we feel it needs further explanation or though.

Good luck with completing your award!

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