Craigy’s McNugget’s Practice Expedition Review

One of the best things about our expedition across the Yorkshire Dales was our ability to work as a team and motivate each other to complete the journey. As part of a team, one thing we excelled in was making sure that we stopped for people to catch up so that we were sticking together throughout the expedition. To motivate each other, we sang lots of songs, in particular ‘Living on a prayer’ because we wanted to encourage each other to get to the village, which was ‘halfway there’. This kept our spirits high and made the experience more enjoyable. Libby Emerson was hilarious, which made us happy.

Another good part was walking along the Pennine Way and being able to see for miles around – V-shaped valleys!

However, on the first day our footpath was flooded so we had to turn around and take another path. At this point we were unmotivated and annoyed, but we stopped to eat to gain strength and happiness and used our map skills to navigate and get back on track.

Overall, our experience was useful, tiring, painful but enjoyable. Despite our teamwork and motivation, we could improve by all taking part in navigating and map reading. We also know now to try and stick to bridleways because they are more reliable and easier to follow.

Abbie’s best asset to our expedition was her use of map skills and motivational coaxing for other members of the team. She most enjoyed observing landscape features and the natural diversity. An improvement she would like to see is for all members of the team to take a try in the navigation so that we can all gain experience to the fullest from our expeditions.

Moving onwards, Eleanor’s best moment of the DofE expedition was getting to the campsite and all sitting round the camping stoves and eating a meal as a team. This was great for bonding and an excellent way to end the day. She also enjoyed the views from the Penine way and being able to see for miles; many waterfalls could be seen as well as valleys and rivers. To improve the experience, she would definitely consider what she packed because a lot of things weren’t used and this considerably added to the weight of which she was carrying.

Libby’s best moment in the expedition was when we all sat by a river just before we got to the campsite because it was so peaceful and relaxingJ. I think I could improve my map reading skills and improve my stamina when walking up hills.

Laura thinks that the best aspect of the expedition was the food. Throughout the day she ate cold pizza, which was delicious, and in the evening we had pasta and cake and custard. She thinks that the food was very beneficial in lifting the spirits of the group and was something to look forward to in the evening. However, to improve she thinks that we should chose something that doesn’t take as long to cook as pasta next time. Also, she thinks that we should base our route on bridleways next time because many of the footpaths that we were looking out for, we didn’t see.

#awesomegingers. On that subject, Alice’s best moment was walking, especially on the second day walking up the mountain and enjoying the views, she also enjoyed singing and having a joke with the rest of the team, getting to know them more as she is in a different year group.  Alice thought that she could improve her map skills and has learnt the valuable lesson of bringing sun cream and next time bring a sleeping bag more than one season as it was freeeeeeeezing.

Sally. My favourite moment was walking over the hill and seeing Gunnerside – the halfway point. I also liked walking through the fields after that, taking lots of photos, getting stuck in stiles, eating and collapsing at the campsite. I also enjoyed the walk on the second day; walking along the Pennine way was nice. Next time, I want to take a bigger role in navigating and reading the map. I also know next time what I do and don’t need to bring, which will make my bag lighter.

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Mick Fenwick

Mountain Leader, D of E Co-Ordinator, Deputy Headteacher

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