Jeff and Mick’s Coast to Coast Day Two (Stonethwaite to Shap)

Day Two: Stonethwaite to Shap (33 Miles)

 IMG 5847 The following morning we climbed our way out of the valley and had the luxury of a 5 minute stop to admire the view at the top of  Greenup Gill.  On we marched to Grasmere with a brief food stop before moving on to Patterdale for lunch.
IMG 0539 The climb up to Kidtsy Pike was slow and painful.  Both factors increased because of the family tailing us for 2 miles with bored children and an irrate father.  Made worse for ‘Dad’ when he asked if we could tell him where he was and he found out he was five miles from where he wanted to be and where the children needed to be.  More painful was yet to come as we descended to Haweswater.  The slope was steep and unforgiving and at this point the knees were very weak.  Every step was painful for me and as Jeff was ‘braced up’ following cruciate ligament replacement it must have been excrutiating for him.
 IMG 0540 No-one has ever been so pleased to Shap.  We walked (loose definition) into Shap at 9.45pm gollowing 13 hours of walking and 25 minutes of ‘rest’.  Worse still no where was open to get food so we ended up in a lovely little pub drinking real ale and eating pork scratchings.  I’m sure that’s what Wainwright would have done!


Mick Fenwick

Mountain Leader, D of E Co-Ordinator, Deputy Headteacher

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