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Since completing my ML training a few years ago a lot has
changed. House, driving, career, child, but most importantly my cupboard full
of kit! I’ve worked for an outdoor equipment company for two years now and in
that time I have pretty much replaced
Overall Rating: 4/5

After receiving my Merrell Vapor Gloves and beginning my forefoot journey I discovered a problem. Whilst I really enjoyed the weight of the Vapor Glove it was contributing to some lower leg pain. This was not the fault of the
Trainers. I've had lots, like lots but loved few. Equate it with anything else you'd like but finding the perfect the match is difficult. Why? Because it's a very personal preference. For years I've been courting Inov8 shoes but recently I've been
Overall Rating: 4/5

Usually when someone puts their name to a product they are either after a payday or they firmly believe in it.  I'd like to think it was the latter for Christophe Le Saux when he signed in the new series of Raidlight vests.  My eyes
Overall Rating: 4/5

The Alpha Direct was a great option as I am making the move away from down insulation due to a number of failures linked to our changeable UK weather. With synthetic insulation you can generally rely on it to be much more effective


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