Cross the UK: Coast to Coast

“I want to encourage in others the ambition to devise with the aid of maps their own cross-country marathons and not be merely followers of other people’s routes: there is no end to the possibilities for originality and initiative.”

When Alfred Wainwright originally set his route across the country he could not have imagined the number of people that would eventually follow in his footsteps.  This iconic long distance walk is attempted by thousands of people each year and can be started or finished from St Bees in Cumbria and Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire.  Although the route can have many variations it is officially measured at 182 miles although many suggest it is closer to 190 miles (having completed it I would suggest the latter).  The route takes walkers through the heart of the lakes, the dales and the moors with ever changing landscapes, breathtaking views and a huge sense of achievement.

Below are some of our favourite accounts of these walks (including our own of course) and whether completed in one adventure or split in many it is a significant achievement to complete and unforgettable experience.  Ran in 39 hours or walked in 14 days we’d thoroughly recommend this route as a great way to ‘Cross the Uk’


Jeff and Mick’s Coast to Coast

Phillip and Judy’s Coast to Coast

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